About the Author:

The author looks roughly like this.

Rupert Fieth is a twentysomething game design student from Finland. He’s also an aspiring artist, writer and an owner of an oversized record collection. The last part he doesn’t particularly aspire to be, though. It just sort of got out of hand.

He enjoys long walks on the beach and rubbing his musical preferences in the faces of others.

About Listen No Evil


— Author’s Mother

“I’ve seen better”

— Author’s Father

Listen No Evil is a documentary of one man’s love-hate relationship with pop music. Fortunately, instead of long-winded inner monologues and navel-gazing epiphanies, this documentary takes the form of more-or-less weekly pop music reviews, where the author looks at (and sometimes listens to) current album releases in his own off-beat way. Occasionally he swears.